UCDA promotes domestic coffee consumption at annual cake event

A mother and child walking away from the UCDA tent after receiving a cappuccino

Thousands of revelers flocked the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) tent at the Uganda Museum on Sunday 1 December 2019 during the annual Kampala Cake Fair. Men and women of all ages were drawn to the tent by the sweet aroma of Uganda coffee being brewed by the UCDA team.

The Kampala Cake Fair is a creation of Cake Shop Uganda that was established by a group of people passionate about baking and cooking. The Kampala Cake Fair is all-encompassing. It is a family event, incorporating fun activities for children and young adults, an exhibition of a wide selection of cake, pastries and food, beverage stalls, live music entertainment. Over 50 bakers participated in the cake fair where they displayed cakes of all types including coffee flavored ones.

For the first time since the cake fair's inception in 2017, UCDA collaborated with Kampala Cake Fair as part of its mandate to promote domestic coffee consumption. As the revelers confirmed, coffee and cake make a great combination. Throughout the event that started at midday, the UCDA team not only served cappuccinos, Americanos and regular ‘African’ and black coffee but gave the revelers tips on how to brew coffee for home consumption. The highly successful event saw hundreds of men and women walk away with ground coffee packed by UCDA and the other coffee organisations.

Two other coffee organisations participated in the event. These were the National Union of Coffee Agribusinesses and Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE) and Barista House. Barista House is a group of vibrant and passionate youthful baristas trained by UCDA.


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