UCDA director tips Busoga farmers on producing quality coffee

The UCDA Director of Quality and Regulatory Services, Mr. Edmund Kananura, has commended coffee farmers in Busoga sub region for the improvement in the quality of coffee now being produced. He also tipped the farmers tips on coffee production. He emphasized that they should only harvest red ripe coffee cherries. In addition, they should dry the coffee on clean surfaces such as tarpaulin sheets. He told the farmers that the authority would soon distribute fertilizers to farmers in farmer groups and cooperatives if they have good agricultural practices. Kananura also encouraged the farmers to consume their own coffee to enjoy its health benefits and to ensure they consistently produce good quality coffee.

Mr. Kananura was speaking at the launch of the coffee harvest season in the Busoga region in Iganga town. The Chairman of the Busoga Coffee Farmers, Buyers and Processors Association Mr. Patrick Nabongo said the farmers are set for the season and will observe the rules and guidelines as per the Coffee Regulations 1994. The launch was held at Ntinda Valley Hotel, Iganga under the theme: “Keep Busoga Coffee Quality Clean”. On behalf of the coffee growing community in the region, Mr. Nabongo pledged to ensure they produce good quality coffee.

The association members appreciated the efforts of the UCDA regional staff, security agencies such as the Uganda Police Force and Operation Wealth Creation, district officials, development partners and its members for their contribution to improving coffee quality.

Nabongo further stated that the association would work with Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) to improve the quality and quantity of coffee in the sub region. The association’s major aim is to sensitise and mobilise all coffee stakeholders to improve coffee quality and quantity.

Two UCDA staff members received certificates at the event from the association. Mr. Kananura was commended for supporting the members to set up their association while UCDA’s Regional Coffee Technical Officer Ms Mary Sally Kabasa was commended for her expert technical advice.


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