Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) has grown exponentially over the years. The role of UCDA is to provide an enabling environment for the millions of stakeholders along the coffee value chain to thrive. We have built long lasting relationships with farmers, producers, roasters, baristas, exporters, traders and consumers to make our coffee a much loved beverage at home and across the globe.

As we enter the 31st year of UCDA’s existence we would like to give you, our stakeholders, confidence that we are going to serve you more efficiently. We will continue to empower, advise and create new opportunities for you.

On this website you will find the information you need to start your coffee journey or improve your coffee business, including handbooks on coffee production right from the nursery, success stories, coffee market prices and analysis and latest news on the coffee sub sector.

Let us work together to take the coffee sub sector to the next level.



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