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The Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP) is an initiative of the EAC Partner States funded by the EU and aims at addressing both supply side and market access constraints of some of the key export-oriented sectors, with particular focuses on exports to the EU and ACP markets. In Uganda, the programme focuses on two commodities namely coffee and cocoa.

 The general objective of the Project is to contribute to the economic development of Uganda by increasing the value of coffee and cocoa exports, to the EU.

 Specifically the project will enhance market access to EU and the East African region by supporting private operators in the coffee and cocoa value chains to improve quality and quantity of the produce and retain premium prices for the same through niche markets.

 The implementation of the MARKUP programme activities is in two parts, covering the three result areas:


Area a) Review and update the cocoa sector policy, legal, regulatory and institutional framework, including standards, guidelines and best practices.


Area b) Develop and manage a matching-grant scheme targeting private operators in the coffee and cocoa sectors that intend to sustain smallholders to overcome supply and marketing constraints.

Area c) Develop and manage programme estimates aimed at supporting market-led research on coffee and cocoa resistant varieties and strengthening public administration capacity for trade analysis, market surveillance and project management.
 Under result area two of the programme, the European Union has provided funds for a matching grant scheme to support production, post-harvest handling and marketing of the coffee and cocoa value chains, with priority to private operators’ interventions that are climate resilient, and environmentally sustainable.

2.     Purpose of the Matching Grant Scheme
The matching grant scheme under the MARKUP programme will target prospects from the coffee and cocoa value chains to provide grants that will among others boost production, reduce harvest and post-harvest losses while allowing for increased market access and visibility for the products on the EU and EAC markets. This is a restricted call for proposals that targets only those entities with proven financial resources and can demonstrate ability to absorb the available matching grant to achieve the programme objective.