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Goal 1: Production and Productivity

 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.1: To expand area under coffee production by
  STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 1.2: To increase the yield per tree from 550gms to

Goal 2: Quality and Value Addition
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.1: To reduce post-harvest losses by 50% across the coffee value chain

Goal 3: Market Research and Development
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.1: To increase coffee sector players’ access to market information
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.2: To increase volumes of direct exports by 29%over the three years
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 3.3: To promote Uganda as a global center of Excellence for Robusta Coffee

Goal 4: Domestic Consumption
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 4.1: To increase domestic consumption from 360 gms to 444 gms per capita by 2018

Goal 5: Institutional Development
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.1: To strengthen organizational structure and Human Resource capacity
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.2: To promote corporate financial sustainability
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.3: To strengthen stakeholder collaborations and partnerships
STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 5.4: To improve UCDA regulatory framework