Coffee Farmer Registration

1.0 Introduction
The Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) is charged with the responsibility of delivering agricultural services to the citizenry in the coffee sub sector.
UCDA developed a Mobile Application to Register coffee farmers and farms countrywide and store the data in a centralized Database, to enhance its operations.
This is a quick overview of the app for registration of farmers. The app shall enable collection of information to establish the following:
• Total number of coffee farmers in an area
• Total number of coffee trees grown by farmers
• Provide an interface for mobilization to facilitate easy and effective problem identification and problem solving;
• Enhance communication flow between Extension Worker and Farmer; and
• Provide for effective planning for the coffee industry and policy interventions relating to coffee farmers.

2.0 Collecting Data (Farmer details) and Uploading Data

Collecting data does not require a data or wireless connection. However, uploading the data requires a data/wireless connection.


3.0 Registering Farmer

From the application main screen, select Register New Farmer

Select the Appropriate form (Coffee Farmer Registration), with specified date and time when it was downloaded.

4.0 Start the Actual Registration of Farmer

Complete the enumeration by swiping or using the arrow buttons for the next prompt until you complete the enumeration.



5.0 Farmer Biodata



6.0 Land Available



7.0 Number of coffee trees on the farm




8.0 Yield per Year


9.0 Membership to Farmer Organization


10.0 Save Form and Exit


Select save Form and Exit to complete enumeration of that farmer.


11.0 Register the next Farmer by repeating steps 1 to 3 above

Uploading Finalized Form

From the main screen select Upload Finalized Form

From the next screen select toggle all select send (This initiates a background data transfer to the server and only works if there is an internet connection to the device).



  • Ministries 
  • Departments and Agencies 
  • Private sector 
  • Development partners
  • Regional and int'l institutions
  • Research institutions 


  • Development Services
  • Business Development and Strategy Services
  • Quality and Regulation Services
  • Corporate Services


  • Agricultural market support
  • Climate action
  • Pests and diseases
  • Women in coffee
  • Sustainable livelihoods

Contact info

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