UCDA MDInformation communication technology (ICT) the world over has become another competitive factor of production. Whereas Economists list land, capital, labour and entrepreneurship as the major factors of production, this is not so in the 21st Century. The rate at which innovations are hitting the globe is unprecedented. The Sustainable Development Goals (SGSs) approved by the United Nations Member States in September 2015 will be achieved based on the way the globe will enhance technology, for instance, in feeding the population and also how the technology will be transmitted to the recipients. Therefore, in order to have a significant contribution to the first and second SDGs, this will require a dynamic global coffee arena which embraces ICT at all levels of the global coffee value chain. It is along these lines that UCDA desires to disseminate information on its vision, mission functionality in line with the global and national development frameworks using various channels one of which is the website. Vision 2040 as well as the National Development Plan 2 embraces ICT as a major competitive factor that will propel the country from a subsistence economy to a middle income economy by 2040. The website will allow coffee stakeholders to source valuable information regarding the performance of the sub-sector and vital linkages that will enable any researcher to collect linked information on coffee quite easily.

Suffice to mention that in order to operationalize the National Coffee Policy, a National Coffee Strategy was launched on January 2016 at Hotel Africana. Among its four pillars is Market Intelligence and Development which requires sourcing and dissemination of timely market information for decision making. I therefore appeal to everyone to utilize the information on the website.

Dr. Emmanuel Iyamulemye Niyibigira
Managing Director , UCDA
A sustainable coffee industry with high stakeholder value for social economic transformation